"Adventures of Pendo" is an engaging and user-friendly 2D side-scrolling endless runner game specifically designed for children aged 5-10. In this exciting game, players control the character Pendo as she navigates through a lively town market, filled with colorful stalls and bustling hawkers. Pendo's objective is to avoid stumbling on the merchandise displayed by the hawkers while overcoming various obstacles that slow her down.
As Pendo explores the market, she encounters "Kanjo" County askaris, who are determined to chase and arrest her. To outpace the askaris and ensure her freedom, Pendo must utilize her jumping and sliding abilities effectively. By jumping over obstacles and sliding under low barriers, Pendo can increase the distance between herself and the pursuing askaris, extending her adventurous journey through the vibrant town market.
With its intuitive controls and captivating visuals, "Adventures of Pendo" provides an enjoyable gaming experience for young players. The game combines fast-paced action with strategic decision-making, as players must react quickly to navigate the market, avoid obstacles, and evade the persistent askaris. Join Pendo on her thrilling adventure as she showcases her agility and wit to outsmart her pursuers and achieve the highest distance possible in this delightful endless runner game.

Join Pendo on her exciting new adventure in the bustling city! As she explores the vibrant urban landscape, Pendo becomes an advocate for justice and wants to expose corruption. Her mission is to report a policeman who is engaging in bribery. However, she must be careful to avoid getting caught by the corrupt officer as she gathers evidence to bring him to justice.

In this fast-paced and action-packed game, you'll help Pendo navigate the busy streets and face various obstacles along the way. She needs to dodge matatus (public minibusses), maneuver through crowded sidewalks, avoid other persistent hawkers, collect trash from the streets, and watch out for treacherous potholes. Pendo also encounters corrupt city council officers who are on the lookout for her.
As Pendo races through the city, she must be vigilant and stay one step ahead of the pursuing policeman. Keep her out of his grasp by utilizing her agility and quick reflexes to navigate through the challenging urban environment. The goal is to help Pendo avoid capture while she collects valuable artifacts scattered throughout the city. These artifacts not only educate her on African history but also provide her with special advantages and power-ups during the game.
Guide Pendo through this thrilling adventure, collect artifacts, and outsmart the corrupt policeman as she fights for justice in the city. Enjoy the immersive gameplay, learn about African history, and help Pendo become a symbol of bravery and integrity in this exciting endless runner game.

Zoom and Collect

This helps you run as fast as you can for 10 seconds and collect as many artifacts as possible


Helps you fly in hard to maneuver places


It slows the Policeman so Pendo is able to run and pick as many artifacts as she needs


This helps Pendo recover to continue playing

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