Welcome to the "Akili ni Mali Podcast," where we uncover the wisdom of reconnection—to ourselves and our roots. As civilizations advance, we often drift further from our true selves, leading to a myriad of issues.
Join us as we facilitate conversations that inspire self-awareness and encourage introspection. Our diverse topics will challenge your thinking and ignite journeys of understanding and questioning.
Tune in and embark on a transformative exploration of your inner wisdom—the first and most valuable source of insight. Get ready to embrace your wholesome self on the Akili ni Mali Podcast
This is an episode that gives an insight to who the Ideal Guru should be.
We have so much to live for but with so much noise in the world we have to learn how to tone it down and give the self priority.
We are all versions of God.
Tune in and discover the takeaways from my story alongside my friend's perspective, because life is a collection of reflections waiting to be uncovered.
Ukiona vyaelea jua vimeundwa". Swahili proverb meaning: When you see it float just know a lot of work went into it.
"We never truly understand a person by merely observing their achievements. This is a conversation about the journey of the inception of the Creative Garage and its Chief Mechanic."
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