Binti Uongozini is an empowering platform designed to support young female politicians in their political careers. Created as a collaborative effort between the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) Kenya & Ethiopia and Creatives Garage, this initiative aims to provide a space for young women to share their political experiences, learn from one another, and inspire others to join politics and create positive change in society.
The platform showcases the triumphs and challenges faced by youth female politicians, highlighting their journeys and demonstrating the steps they have taken to pursue careers in politics. It not only showcases the candidates themselves but also their political projects at the community level, illustrating their commitment to making a difference in their respective constituencies.
One of the primary goals of Binti Uongozini is to motivate and encourage young women to actively participate in politics. By showcasing the experiences and achievements of youth female politicians, the platform serves as an inspiration for other young women who aspire to have careers in politics. It aims to break down barriers and stereotypes, demonstrating that women can play crucial roles in governance and decision-making processes.
The challenges faced by women in Kenyan politics are numerous, including financial limitations, cultural biases, and being recognized primarily when associated with male politicians. Binti Uongozini addresses these challenges by providing a dedicated platform for youth female politicians. Since its establishment in 2017, the platform has become a valuable resource for addressing the various constraints and obstacles that female politicians encounter while running for political office.
In addition to sharing experiences and stories, Binti Uongozini also fosters a strong network among youth female politicians. It offers them opportunities to connect and exchange ideas, successes, and setbacks with one another. By building a community, the candidates can collaborate and find collective solutions to overcome shared difficulties. This network provides a support system that celebrates their achievements, encourages their continued growth, and empowers them to navigate the political landscape more effectively.
Binti Uongozini is an important initiative that aims to empower young women in politics, challenge gender biases, and foster a more inclusive and representative political landscape. By amplifying the voices and experiences of youth female politicians, it contributes to the broader goal of achieving gender equality and promoting women's leadership in Kenya and beyond.
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