Kichwa Mbovu is a 27-year-old unruly tout who works on a matatu (public minibus) in Nairobi. His behavior is characterized by harassment towards passengers, including elderly women, when they don't board his matatu quickly enough. Alongside his reckless driver, he contributes to road chaos by speeding and overtaking aggressively. Kichwa Mbovu also engages in bullying other drivers, overcharging passengers, and bothering young girls. However, his fear is directed towards the police, as he knows they could disrupt his operations.
On the other hand, Captain Mngwana is determined to put an end to the misconduct caused by individuals like Kichwa Mbovu. With a vision to crush their operations, Captain Mngwana aspires to bring about change and restore order to the matatu industry. By targeting those who engage in such disruptive behavior, Captain Mngwana aims to create a safer and more respectful environment for passengers and other road users.
The contrasting characters of Kichwa Mbovu and Captain Mngwana highlight the challenges and aspirations within the matatu industry, shedding light on the need for accountability and responsible conduct among its participants.

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