Considering the discouraging news of Museveni signing the Anti-gay bill in Uganda, the
Kenyan courts upholding the law criminalizing same-sex sexual conduct, and the
prevalence of hate speech on social media against LGBTQA+ individuals, it becomes
evident that there is a significant journey ahead of us in terms of liberating our minds and
accepting the beautiful diversity of human existence.

In the face of all this negativity, Creatives Garage is releasing "CATEGORY IS..." , a limited
edition set of postcards designed to celebrate the vibrant and resilient LGBTQA+ community
in Kenya. This unique collection draws its inspiration from ballroom culture and the art of
voguing. Voguing originated as a form of self-expression and competition within
African-American and Latino LGBTQ+ communities, offering a powerful response to the
social and cultural challenges they faced. It became a means of empowerment for those
who felt excluded or marginalised by mainstream society.
Beyond its artistic elements, voguing served as a transformative force that challenged
social structures and highlighted the interconnectedness and fluidity of race, gender, sex,
and sexuality. Through the celebration of dance, the "CATEGORY IS..." serves as a powerful
reminder of our presence, our queerness, and our love for ourselves and one another.
Dance, as a form of expression, carries immense power. The "CATEGORY IS..." postcards
embody our existence, resilience, and joy. They stand as a symbol of our refusal to be
silenced or erased, proudly proclaiming, "We are here, we are queer, and we embrace it."
Voguing empowered individuals to express their confidence, grace, and beauty, transcending
societal expectations. By channelling the spirit of voguing, the "CATEGORY IS..."
postcards pay homage to the remarkable resilience and boundless creativity that thrives
within the LGBTQA+ community in Kenya.

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