William Lemaiyan Blunt a.k.a Billy Blunt, is a DJ, visual and installation artist, permaculture trainer and architect. While he may have varied creative outputs his passion lies in earthbag building (superadobe construction). Superadobe construction is an economical, time-efficient, energy-efficient and ecologically friendly system of building that is revolutionary and...cost-effective. Billy’s firm, ‘Eco Structures East Africa’ (ESEA LTD) has designed and built eco-buildings, treehouses and earthbag/superadobe buildings in Diani, Lamu, Zanzibar, Nanyuki and Arusha. In this masterclass, Billy takes us through the basics of earthbag building; i.e the benefits of earthbag houses, how to design your eco-home from scratch and best practices when doing so. He also touches on how to build a garden bed, landscape walls and benches using superadobe. While this not a comprehensive course on superadobe construction, Billy dives into topics such as Prepping the site Tools and materials Compass setup Design layout managing moisture and more…..
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