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"Ditoro" is a story that revolves around two friends, Mosa (nicknamed Tor by her Grandmother) and Koketso, who engage in a phone conversation. The tale takes an intriguing turn when Tor enters a deep sleep and finds herself in an expansive open field. To her amazement, she discovers a trail of flowers leading to a special gift left behind by her grandmother.
Curiosity piqued, Tor reads the heartfelt note accompanying the gift and excitedly shares the experience with her friend Koketso. However, before she can fully delve into the enchantment of the moment, Tor is abruptly awakened from her dream by the blaring sound of an alarm.
The story of "Ditoro" captures the imaginative journey of Tor and the mysterious events that unfold in her dreams. It explores the power of dreams, the significance of connections with loved ones, and the sense of wonder and anticipation that can arise from unexpected encounters.
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