Your aunty is worried you might end up as the crazy cat lady. You take home 13,369 after taxes, thanks to Zakayo. Your neighbors give you the stare because of the squeaking 4x6 bed. The guy you thought was a guy maybe isn’t. Slaps are served as plentifully as divorce papers. U-Hauls are so in demand that you may have to look for Kinyanjui wa pick-up to move you to your boo. Your pastor’s prayers are as loud as the action behind the toilet. The guy in a sexy Italian suit might just be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is life!
Blooms in the Dark is a theatrical adaptation of Thayù’s podcast of the same name. It’s an anthology featuring stories told by characters who live on the fringes of society—those who do not conform to societal norms regarding appearance, love, and behavior. Through a blend of acting, poetry, music, and dance, the play narrates the quest for belonging—a universal pursuit where individuals find solace in religion, academics, home, or within themselves. Blooms in the Dark stands as a testament to the enduring human spirit, a reminder that the journey to belonging is ever evolving.
The performance explores intricate themes such as sex, governance (cough! Finance Bill), religion, and traditional culture, posing critical questions like:
- What does it mean to be African?
- What does inclusivity truly mean?
- What does good leadership look like?
We encourage you to reflect on what you see during Blooms in the Dark, to discuss the stories portrayed, and to remember that this is what life is like for many people around you—friends, family, co-workers, or the stranger sitting next to you in the matatu. They could be one of these blooms, flowering in the darkness of trauma, adversity, prejudice, and isolation, searching for light.
This powerful performance is brought to life by an award-winning, all-female crew. Written by Thayù and directed by Thayù alongside Wanjiku Mwawuganga, it is produced by Hellen Masido and stage managed by Chadota. The cast features an ensemble of acclaimed talents, including Muthoni Gathecha, Riki Gathariki, Tana Gachoka, Koome Kinoti, Joseph Obel, Brian Njonge, Njeri Gakuo, Seise Bagbo, Rian Msani, and Faith Rose.

PS: Trust us! You don't want to bring your under 18 to this show
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