"Hope/Currency" is a commissioned work by Creatives Garage, bringing together rPH, an electronic music producer/DJ, and Kins of Spade, a poet/spoken word artist, both based in Nairobi, Kenya. The collaboration serves as a response to Kenya's evangelical Christian culture, which wields significant influence in society. Drawing from their personal experiences growing up in religious families, the artists utilize samples of publicly available speeches by prominent evangelical figures, as well as the eccentric voices emerging from the church's more extreme fringes. This sonic landscape is complemented by Kins' candid and introspective words, along with rPH's raw and unconventional production, resulting in a compelling artistic statement.
The outcome is a compilation consisting of five tracks that delve into various subjects including personality cults, sexual and financial exploitation, political ambition, and power dynamics. Scheduled for digital-only release in May 2023, the compilation is presented by Noland, an independent label based in Berlin (noland.fm).
About the Artists
Kins Of Spade is a recluse who only comes out to play with their words. Their nature makes her chosen medium of creative expression difficult. They are an introvert in every sense. They draw readers into how she experiences the world through her words. Drawing them in with poetry and prose that is sensual, raw and witty. 
rPH is an electronic musician and DJ who is based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is widely known as a co-founder and resident artist at the Mist, which holds the distinction of being Nairobi's first dedicated venue for experimental and underground music. Prior to his current moniker, rPH operated under the name DJ Raph, through which he gained recognition in the music scene.

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