The I Speak project, initiated by Creatives Garage, aims to highlight the importance of protecting and empowering marginalized women in Kenya, with a particular focus on Tana River County. The county has faced various challenges, including famine, floods, and civil conflicts, which have had a significant impact on its communities. However, despite these adversities, the project has encountered incredibly strong women who have made remarkable contributions to their communities.
The project's objective is to promote cultural diversity by delving into the spiritual, material, intellectual, and emotional aspects that define a society's way of life. It seeks to inspire a generation of women by passing on wisdom from one generation to the next and breaking stereotypes associated with women. Additionally, I Speak aims to profile and promote unsung African women heroes while preserving the African narrative through digital formats accessible to future generations.
Gender equality is a central theme of I Speak, as it seeks to give voice to women who work tirelessly to support their families. These women's sacrifices often go unnoticed, yet they play a vital role in keeping societies functioning. The project aims to ignite a movement that empowers and inspires women from all walks of life to assert themselves in male-dominated spaces.
Although Tana River County serves as the primary geographical location for the project, the use of digital platforms enables I Speak to have a broader impact across Kenya, Africa, and the world. Podcasts, short documentaries, viral videos, and a collection of short written stories will be employed as distribution channels, reaching a diverse audience and fostering dialogue on women's empowerment and gender equality.
Through the I Speak project, Creatives Garage strives to amplify the voices of marginalized women, showcase their resilience, and create a platform that encourages inclusivity, equality, and empowerment. By utilizing digital media, the project aims to transcend geographical boundaries and foster a global movement that celebrates and uplifts women.

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