Brand Strategy by Antonia Kihara
Welcome to the masterclass on brand strategy with Antonia Kihara, a consultant specializing in brand development. In this session, Antonia will guide you through the fundamentals of brand strategy, providing you with valuable insights and tools to cultivate a strong and focused business brand.
Being a bad….DJ by Shishi Wanjiru
Welcome to the masterclass on DJing with DJ Shishi, a renowned vibe curator and top female DJ in East Africa. In this session, DJ Shishi shares her insights and experiences, guiding you through her DJ processes from preparation to performance and beyond.  Throughout the masterclass, DJ Shishi shares personal anecdotes, practical tips, and interactive exercises to help you elevate your DJing skills and develop your own unique style. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced DJ, this masterclass will provide you with valuable insights and inspiration to enhance your DJ processes and take your performances to the next level.
Sound Masterclass by Teddy Ochieng
Welcome to the masterclass on boom swinging techniques with Teddy Ochieng, a skilled sound technician who began his career as a boom swinger. In this session, Teddy Ochieng shares his expertise and guides you through the essential techniques to capture high-quality sound on set. Throughout the masterclass, Teddy Ochieng provides demonstrations, hands-on exercises, and real-life examples to help you understand and apply the boom swinging techniques effectively. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced sound technician, this masterclass will equip you with the skills and knowledge to capture professional-quality sound on set.
How To make VR Projects : In this unique masterclass on creating VR projects, four panelists - Ingrid Klopp, Darren Emmerson, Dylan, and Yasmin Elliot - share their expertise and insights on various aspects of Virtual Reality. Each panelist brings their own perspective and experience in the field, offering a comprehensive discussion on VR technology and production concepts.Throughout the nearly one-hour masterclass, the panelists engage in discussions, share case studies, and provide practical tips for creating VR projects. They cover a range of topics, including storytelling techniques, technical considerations, production workflows, and the future of VR technology. Participants in the masterclass can gain a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects involved in making VR projects, from concept to execution.
In this masterclass on LED lighting, Tom Shea, a self-taught stage lighting designer and co-founder of Headlush, shares his expertise and passion for lighting engineering. Tom's background as a computer geek and hacker, combined with his love for custom lighting, brings a unique perspective to the world of LED lighting. Throughout the masterclass, Tom's emphasis on self-learning and utilizing resources like Google highlights the DIY nature of his approach. Participants can expect practical tips, hands-on examples, and insights into Tom's creative process as he demonstrates how to create stunning lighting designs using LED technology.
In this masterclass on directing, Alan Oyugi, a film director, actor, and producer, shares his personal journey to becoming a director and provides valuable insights into the world of directing. Throughout the masterclass, Alan draws from his own experiences and provides practical examples to illustrate key concepts. He also shares anecdotes and lessons learned from his career, offering valuable insights and tips for aspiring directors.
In the casting masterclass led by Lorella Jowi, participants gain valuable insights into the importance of casting in film production and learn how to make effective casting decisions. Lorella emphasizes that casting is a crucial element of filmmaking, as the right actors can bring characters to life and enhance the overall story. She explains that casting is not just about finding actors who physically match the character descriptions in the script but also involves considering their personality, believability, and talent.
In the location scouting masterclass led by Matrid Nyagah, participants gain valuable insights into the role of a location manager and the importance of location scouting in the film production process.
Matrid, drawing from her experience as an actor, producer, and filmmaker, takes participants through the various responsibilities of a location manager during the pre-production phase. She highlights that the location manager plays a crucial role in interpreting the script and identifying suitable locations that align with the story and the director's vision.

In the podcasting masterclass led by Kevin Mwachiro, participants have the opportunity to learn from his personal journey as a storyteller and podcaster. Kevin shares valuable insights, lessons learned, and challenges he has faced throughout his career, offering a unique perspective on the podcasting industry. Throughout the masterclass, Kevin emphasizes the importance of storytelling in podcasting. He delves into the art of crafting compelling narratives and engaging content that resonates with listeners. Kevin shares his personal experiences in writing and journalism, providing valuable tips on how to structure and present stories effectively through the podcasting medium.
In the masterclass on decolonizing the arts led by Sitawa Namwalie, participants have the opportunity to explore the important topic of decolonization and its impact on the arts. Sitawa Namwalie, an award-winning Kenyan poet, playwright, and performer, guides the session, sharing insights and perspectives on how to challenge and dismantle colonial influences in the creative field. By the end of the masterclass, participants gain a deeper understanding of the importance of decolonizing the arts and how it can lead to more inclusive and authentic artistic expressions
In the masterclass on storytelling facilitated by Aleya Kassam, participants have the opportunity to delve into the art of storytelling and learn how to effectively tell their own stories across different mediums. Aleya Kassam, a feminist storyteller and writer, guides the session, sharing insights and techniques to help participants craft compelling narratives. By the end of the masterclass, participants gain a deeper appreciation for the art of storytelling and how it can be harnessed to amplify underrepresented voices and perspectives.
In the masterclass on reverse brainstorming facilitated by Jonas Nyacomba, participants are guided through the process of curating safe spaces for vulnerability and meaningful conversations. The masterclass emphasizes the importance of creating an environment where individuals feel comfortable expressing their thoughts, feelings, and experiences without fear of judgment or criticism.
Jonas Nyacomba shares insights on how to foster an intimate and unique networking experience, where participants can establish authentic connections and engage in deep and meaningful discussions. The masterclass provides practical tips and strategies for curating such spaces, including setting the right tone, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and facilitating open and respectful dialogue.
In the masterclass facilitated by Kate Snow, an actress and creative, participants explore the innovative platform called Rafiki Hub. Kate Snow shares her journey and motivation behind creating Rafiki Hub, a subscription membership platform aimed at connecting creatives with the industry. Kate Snow also shares success stories and examples of how Rafiki Hub has facilitated meaningful connections and collaborations within the creative industry. She emphasizes the importance of community building and the power of collective support in fostering growth and opportunities for creatives.
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