The masterclass is a unique one offered by four panelists talking about the various aspects of Virtual Reality projects. The panelist are Ingrid Klopp from Electric south based in Cape town South Africa, Darren Emmerson from the UK who works in VR and Augmented Reality, Dylan based in South Africa and is a documentary film maker and a lecturer at the university of Cape town and Yasmin Elliot an immersive content production director and a co-founder of a company called Bokker based in New York. The panelist takes you through a nearly one hour long of sharing of concepts and ideas on the Virtual reality technology that includes the gadgets and to the production concepts. Each panelist brings their own perspective and experience in the field, offering a comprehensive discussion on VR technology and production concepts.Throughout the nearly one-hour masterclass, the panelists engage in discussions, share case studies, and provide practical tips for creating VR projects. They cover a range of topics, including storytelling techniques, technical considerations, production workflows, and the future of VR technology. Participants in the masterclass can gain a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects involved in making VR projects, from concept to execution.
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