"Until the lion tells the story, 
the hunter will always be the hero."
Kalabars stands as an innovative media distribution platform, revolutionizing how users engage with videos, liberating them from the constraints of traditional reruns and inflexible broadcasting schedules.
Through Kalabars, audiences can immerse themselves in a diverse array of high-quality films, series, documentaries, music videos, and audio content, all told from our perspective—the African perspective—accessible on their computers and smart devices.
Our journey started in 2018, fueled by a relentless passion to weave together a platform that goes beyond entertainment. We've painstakingly curated a catalog of nearly 1000 content pieces, ranging from addressing serious issues like gender-based violence and corruption to heartwarming LGBTQ stories, children's adventures, mental health podcasts, and side-splitting comedy.
"we're on a mission to reclaim the vibrant 
tapestry of the African Narrative"
The name Kalabars draws inspiration by the traditional color bars that used to grace our television screens before the TV station started broadcasting, symbolizing the anticipation and excitement as we waited for programming to start.
Currently, our catalog boasts nearly 1000 content pieces, created either in-house or commissioned from our community.
Our primary focus extends beyond entertainment; we aim to foster sustainable income opportunities, facilitate learning experiences, while positively contributing to the growth of the creative economy.
The Kalabars App is available on the Google Play Store
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