Kalabars is an innovative media distribution platform that revolutionizes the way users access videos, freeing them from the constraints of traditional reruns and rigid broadcasting schedules. With Kalabars, audiences can enjoy a wide range of high-quality films, series, documentaries, music videos, and audio content on their smart devices, with a particular emphasis on African stories.
As a unique video-on-demand platform, Kalabars aims to reclaim the African Narrative by showcasing captivating stories that authentically represent the continent. Our primary focus is on fostering sustainable income opportunities, facilitating learning experiences, and making positive contributions to the growth of the creative economy. Kalabars is driven by a passion for sharing exceptional content with an audience that yearns for genuine African storytelling.
The name "Kalabars" draws inspiration from the traditional color bars that were once displayed on television stations before any program aired, symbolizing the anticipation and excitement that comes with the start of a new viewing experience.
The Kalabars App is available on the Google Play Store
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