Meet the latest discovery, a vital member of 'The Solution Tank Team'—her name is Nanga. Found in one of East Africa's largest electronic dumpsites, Nanga, like many urban poor displaced individuals, was raised by a street family who stumbled upon her wrapped in foil paper while foraging for food.
Since her discovery, Nanga's ingenuity has shone through in remarkable ways: As a toddler, she crafted a makeshift baby stroller from discarded computer parts. At the age of 7, she rewired a phone found in the dumpsite using copper, tin, and wire. By the time she was 15, Nanga had created a garden from old tins and cultivated manure from decomposing organics. At 21, she constructed a house for her family using discarded plastic bottles found in the dumpsite.
Despite lacking formal education, Nanga's expertise lies in cultural technology, harnessing her abilities to filter elements and purify impurities—a true superhero strength.
With her remarkable powers, Nanga builds with unparalleled speed, combating adversaries like thieves on bad days and corruption on the worst ones. Her latest endeavor involves designing a nano magnet capable of extracting bacteria from sewage water, thereby restoring purity to the Nairobi River.
Nanga's unique abilities extend to transmitting pollen like a bee. Coupled with her innate capability to purify soil through skin contact, wherever she walks barefoot, seeds she carries sprout, transforming the dumpsite into a striking blend of greenery and refuse.
Rumors suggest she possesses the magic of the gods, believed to be a result of a lineage of East Africans endowed with superpowers following a meteor shower ages ago.
Nanga epitomizes the transformation from garbage to green, showcasing the potential for African youths to thrive through creativity and technological innovation. A 3D wall mural featuring Nanga emerging from a wall amidst a backdrop of electronic waste, stepping on motherboards and desktop computers, symbolizes her journey and the possibility of turning dumpsites into vibrant, green environments. Her story underscores the boundless possibilities unlocked by creativity and resourcefulness.
This piece of work is still a work in progress.
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