“Sex is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other.”
 - Marquis de Sade -
To be Prosexsive is to be sex positive. What that means is that you understand the value- physical spiritual and emotional- of sex. Being Prosexsive, does not necessarily mean that you have to pick up your phone and invite Jane and Njoroge from down the road over for a threesome. It is not judging them when they invite you and your partner over for one. Is the sex safe, fun and most importantly consensual? Then get freaky with them. You do not have to have sex with everyone if you are Prosexsive but it means that you can have sex with anyone you choose who chooses you back. A favourite phrase thrown around the sex positive movement is “Don’t ‘yuck’ someone else’s ‘yum’.”
FEATURED ARTISTS: Lusi Mbiria, Jeri Furahah, Kins of Spade, Paul Munene, Marvin murithii, Constantin Kiraze, MJ Kawira, Thayu, Sylvia Gichia, Lorenzo Roccheggiani, Kevin Mwachiro, Faith Wanjala
We need to embrace sex as the beautiful and all-important aspect of our beings that it is. We have to make comprehensive rights based sex ed. -that covers safe sex, sexual orientation and the importance of consent- a basic human right. Being Prosexsive covers varied aspects of our lives and not all of them have to do with penetration. Beauty standards of the years have turned into flawed and ugly things that need dissecting. Children and need to have conversations about what sex and sexuality. These concepts should be ingrained in them by the time they are raising future generations.W

We should be able to sit down and have open and frank discussions about sex. You and your friends should be able to sit down and talk about the one time you went to an island for a sexcapade. You proudly talk about  the one time you orgasm-ed four times in one hour and not feel ashamed to do it. Once we stop judging the sexual lives of others then we are be able to embrace our own sexual desires and needs. No one in the history of forever has ever looked back on life and said to themselves, “All that great sex was a bad idea.”
We have curated this collection of art that speaks to that part of us that yearns to discuss sex freely. Each chapter covers a different dynamic of sex. It is an intimate photobook of people in their most vulnerable state. Often we consider the implications of sex and religious belief but the juxtaposition of a bible and condom on page 102 brings to mind Catholicism and its stance on contraceptives.
This book should be on your coffee table and open to page 5. It should be like a centrepiece in your house that no one can miss. It is not dirty. It is not naughty. It is about sex! In a country where lobby groups term sex education as more dangerous than terrorism, books like Prosexive should line our bookshelves. Create a social environment in which it is safe for everyone to ask about sex, talk about negative sexual experiences and communicate about issues around sex. Be Prosexive.

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