The Sondeka Awards, initiated by Creatives Garage, embody our commitment to giving back to the creative community that we have tirelessly advocated for and supported over the years. These awards serve multiple organizational objectives that align with our mission and vision.

Firstly, the Sondeka Awards aim to recognize and reward categories in the creative space that have often been overlooked or unacknowledged. By doing so, we want to remind creatives that their crafts are valued and appreciated, encouraging them to continue pursuing their passions.
Secondly, the awards provide a platform for appreciating the outstanding works of creatives. By highlighting their excellence, we celebrate their achievements and inspire others in the creative community to strive for greatness.
Furthermore, the Sondeka Awards serve as a means of giving back to the creative community by promoting creative excellence. By recognizing and rewarding exceptional talent, we aim to spur innovation and push creatives to explore new boundaries, encouraging them to consider creativity as a viable career path.
Additionally, the awards contribute to enhancing the market access of creatives by providing them with a platform to connect with their customers. This enables them to showcase their work and establish valuable connections within the industry.
The Sondeka Awards also play a crucial role in recognizing and appreciating key stakeholders who have made significant contributions to the Kenyan creative scene and industry. By honoring these individuals and organizations, we aim to showcase their impact and dedication.
Lastly, through the Creative Awards, we aspire to promote and showcase Kenyan creative arts not only within the African continent but also to the rest of the world. By elevating the profile of our local creatives, we aim to position Kenya as a hub of artistic talent and creativity.
The Sondeka Awards are a testament to our unwavering commitment to nurturing, promoting, and celebrating the creative community in Kenya and beyond.

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