We are the ones who mothers fear but yet respect the
strides we take
We are the ones who don’t colour within the lines of life
but splash colour out of its limits reaching millions
We are the ones stubborn enough to try and change the
world throwing our guidebooks to forge new paths by
walking the terrains no one has set forth
We are the ones who not only imagine of what could be
but also create what would have been, hadn’t we.
We are the ones who use our powers to gift the world
of the African Narrative changing the forces of CAN’T to
a world of endless possibilities
We are the ones who’ll be quoted in history and books
written about because we refuse to conform to the
ways in which the pen forges.
We are the ones changing the course
Sondeka Festival, a groundbreaking event and the first of its kind in East Africa, serves as a dynamic platform for the convergence of creative innovation. It bridges the gap between producers of creative works and organizations or consumers interested in their products. The festival unites diverse forms of creativity, fostering collaboration, co-creation, skill showcasing, and market access.
Sondeka Festival is a seismic celebration of art, culture, and innovation, drawing together creatives from East Africa and beyond to showcase their talents and push the boundaries of the market. This three-day extravaganza attracts artists, innovators, and enthusiasts from all over the continent and abroad. It is a testament to the inseparable connection between creativity and innovation, providing a space for digital culture, augmented/virtual reality, digital art, gaming, and more. The festival explores how these mind-blowing phenomena continue to shape our lives and interactions with the world.
Sondeka Festival offers an immersive online experience featuring groundbreaking music and art that challenges conventional norms. It delves into the impact of emerging technologies on our lives and our evolving relationship with them.
The festival serves as a platform to showcase talent, expand market boundaries, and promote environmental consciousness. It has welcomed over 12,000 physical attendees and reached an online audience of over 2,000,000. Sondeka has showcased the works of more than 1,300 creatives and places a strong emphasis on being environmentally friendly, actively reducing its carbon footprint and utilizing solar lighting.
In a country like Kenya, alongside other emerging African nations such as Nigeria and South Africa, youth-led start-up enterprises are driving progress towards achieving national visions. Entrepreneurs like Peter Mbiria in robotics, William Ruddick with Bangla Pesa (a unique barter trade currency transforming slum economies), and Gabriel Nderitu with scrap metal plane prototypes are just a few examples of the innovators Sondeka aims to expose to the market, contributing to the African renaissance.
Sondeka Festival plays a crucial role in supporting the growth of the sector. Firstly, it provides African entrepreneurs with a platform to refine and scale their prototypes and improve their business models. Secondly, the festival acts as a safe testing ground, allowing entrepreneurs to navigate the challenging business landscape. This opportunity helps them refine their models, creating more scalable and attractive ventures for future investors.
The global emergence of social innovation underscores the need for creative solutions to address longstanding problems. The creative classes are rapidly becoming the driving force of growth in the global economy, shaping the present and future through solution-oriented innovative designs. Sondeka Festival and its activities are essential for nurturing this sector's growth.
To experience the awe-inspiring Sondeka Festival, visit www.sondeka.org and immerse yourself in the incredible showcase of creativity and innovation.
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