"Stories of Pride" is a compilation of personal stories shared by queer individuals residing in Kenya. These stories have been submitted anonymously to Creatives Garage, an organization dedicated to supporting and empowering creatives. The project aims to provide a platform for queer voices to be heard and understood within the Kenyan context.
To bring these stories to a wider audience, the first ten narratives were read out by different voice actors and transformed into videos that were published on social media platforms. The "Stories of Pride" book serves as a written version of these narratives, allowing readers to engage with the experiences, challenges, and triumphs shared by queer individuals in Kenya.
By collecting and sharing these stories, "Stories of Pride" seeks to foster empathy, understanding, and acceptance within society. It aims to shed light on the unique perspectives, struggles, and celebrations of the queer community in Kenya, encouraging dialogue and promoting inclusivity.
The book serves as a testament to the courage and resilience of queer individuals who have chosen to share their experiences, contributing to a broader narrative of pride, identity, and the pursuit of equality and acceptance.
“It is absolutely imperative that every
human being’s freedom and human
rights are respected, all over the world.”

– Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir –

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