The word art is often associated with “the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance.” However, we prefer a different definition. That art is the “expression and application of human skill and imagination”. In “The Art Of” we profile organisations and people who have opened up new paths in the tapestry of creativity. ‘The Art Of’ features brewers, clothing designers and others who have become beacons to look up to by creating masterpieces that continue to awe us.
The Art of Brewing
254 Brewing

Started by Eoin & Megan initially as a Craft Beer Club, 254 Brewing has grown into one of Kenya’s most exciting producers of craft beer. We love it because the brand and the makers are super dynamic, coming up with new brews regularly. They try as much as they can to implement a circular economy, recycling spent grain back into the system – e.g. to farmers or to other makers, and also taking back their bottles to reuse. They combine good vibes with scientific innovation and operational badassery to deliver exceptional craft beer across Kenya. The expert in-house brew masters at 254 use over 20 specially selected malts to create 13 different beers that are full of character and have no added chemicals. Located at Levilla Gardens in Kikuyu, Kenya, 254 Brewery is a must visit for any beer loving Kenyan (which honestly is most of us). “The beauty of craft beer is that you get to sample and gravitate to a skillfully combined variety of flavors, body, character, carbonation, aroma, and a dozen other factors that our brewer scientists love to geek out

The Art of Vino
Chez Sonia

Located in the lush suburbs that is Peponi Road, this hidden gem has everything to please any apéro-philes. For the connoisseurs, there is a large choice of wines, from France, Italy, Portugal and Spain…from great vintage like Gevrey Chambertin or Nebbiolo wines to small producers. They also serve delicious French- Italian tapas platters. Chez Sonia in French means “at the house of Sonia” and it’s here that wine lovers go to discover different varieties of wine. Like many others in the hospitality industry Chez Sonia has faced challenges since the pandemic hit. It has since gotten support once it reopened and has built a community who have visited the space post-lockdown which goes to show that you can’t keep us wine-lovers away from our wine.
The Art of Immersion
Black Rhino VR

Black Rhino initially filmed documentaries and human interest stories for NGOs and corporate clients. However, as time and the available tech progressed they started working in Virtual and Augmented Reality. They create content solutions for clients and partners that are bespoke, adaptable and relevant to the African market. One such joint venture is African Spacemakers, a partnership with
Cultural Video Production that we talk about in “Rise of the New Bold”.

The Art of 3D Printing
Beyond 3D Afrika

Dennis Poriot is a product designer and the founder of Beyond 3D Afrika, which helps
individuals and organizations build products through a customized service for design, manufacture and beyond. Leveraging digital fabrication and manufacturing solutions that enable creators to turn ideas to reality at scale. He, like a lot of us, had known about 3d printing but didn’t engage with it due to the lack of inaccessibility. This changed in 2018 when a close friend of his got a 3d printer and  the rest is history. It’s apparently quite convenient to make physical products. With an idea, a CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing, a press print and a couple of hours you’re holding your dream made reality in hand.
So he started making 3d portraits and figurines until 2019, when he developed the “Mini-Ma3” art toys. Made in celebration of Kenya’s unique and vibrant urban culture, Mini-Ma3’s capture the essence of art on wheels that is the Matatu through a series of art toys made for the young and young at heart.
The Art of Satire

In 2020 Creatives Garage brought together comedians for an evening of socially distant hilarity and giggles. Featured comedians were Mr funny man himself, Jason Runo, our boy Doug Mutai, the crazy Brian Onjoro, the socially awkward, Justine and the hilarious Ciru Waithaka who accompanied two of Zimbabwe’s funniest comedians comedians Munya and Tinaye, graciously loaned to us by Magamba Network in Zimbabwe Loaned because we tried to steal Munya and Tinaye and keep them here and Magamba took them back, a feud that will be told for generations...Farai and Vera, HIDE!!!!) for a night of laughs to ease off this COVID craziness. The reason we decided to do this show (other than the fact we thought it was pretty cool to do a small event and remind ourselves how the outdoors feel like) we needed to laugh at the nonsense that’s been frustrating us.
- The COVID-19 numbers are so skewed that they’re a joke (even funnier than our show)
- Medical staff cant get protective gear (because our government’s full of comedians)
- You’re worried about keeping your job, but BBI is suddenly more important (and it’s not even a pornhub category)
- You HAVE to get a Huduma Number (we voted for comedians lets admit it)
- It’s hard getting laid when you have the sniffles (boss, that’s on you fam stay home and off tinder for 2 weeks) Lucky for you, we recorded the sets that are bound to make you laugh and say “chesos...are they allowed to say that?”.
The Art of Chuma
Rusty Fundi

Jonathan Barker, the founder of Rusty Fundi, creates bespoke furniture for homes, offices and restaurants using reclaimed materials from all over East Africa. It was founded six years ago after Jonathan moved into an apartment and decided to build the furniture and fittings for it. Since then Rusty Fundi has had installations in various restaurants around Kenya and at the departure terminal in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Their design process is unique. Rather than only create off the shelf work, they often liaise with clients throughout the design and build process ensuring that they are delivered unique, functional pieces of art.
The Art of Street Wear
God is Kenyan

God Is Kenyan is a street wear and lifestyle brand that fosters the use and nurturing of homegrown solutions. They seek to bridge the gap between Kenyans and indigenous solutions. Through fashion, God is Kenyan effectively combines modern fashion with Kenyan materials to create something that is truly otherworldly and still proudly Kenyan.

(c) God is Kenyan

The Art of the Sole
Ocean Soles

Ocean Soles is a social enterprise that was started in 2006 to clean up the coastline while also
creating employment for folks from the high impact community. Ocean Soles remove trash from
the ocean coastline, rivers and on damp sites and make art from the flip flop while creating
employment. Ocean Soles work with a network of community members who are engaged in
weekly clean ups on the coastline and in Nairobi to collect the flip flops.

The Art of Dessert
Sweet Tooth

Leon Kago, founder, head baker, and owner of Sweet Tooth is an amazing chef and an even better baker. He started making fresh cheese and no bake cheesecakes to satisfy the need for fresh, affordable and exciting products and his sweet tooth (it HAD to be said). He has since added ice creams, and his own fresh cream cheese into the mix (for real guys from frigging scratch) and his desserts are to die for.
Not being satisfied with the mundane flavours of cheesecakes out there, Kago began experimenting
with new and exciting flavours. Now he does a completely new flavour of the month, every month so hit him up with suggestions cause you never know when you’ll help create a masterpiece.

(c) Sweet Tooth

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