As part of our role in becoming the VOICE for the minorities facing injustices in Kenya, and indeed Africa, we embarked on a three-month search for spoken word artists for our #WTFSeries. #WTFSeries is a 12 piece poetry anthology featuring 12 poets from Kenya. The aim of this poetic experience is to dissect some of Kenya’s hushed up and controversial topics through this thought-provoking journey where we hoped to stir debate and conversation. After a colourful launch on 14th May 2015, we put up the videos on our blog and social media pages; one video every week for 12 weeks and had a reach of 822,371 on social media. We took most of our discussions to Twitter with the hashtag #WTFSeries and we got quite a number of varied responses as well as mixed reactions from our online audiences; some felt that these discussions should not take place openly while others were willing to talk about them.

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